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Our Value to the Community LINC, Inc.: ? Has served approximately 1500 adults and 238 youth since it started providing services in 2000 ? Has a 92% success rate compared to North Carolina’s state rate of 59%. Forty-one percent of state released individuals that do not participate in LINC, Inc.?s re-entry programs return to prison (2011). (http://www.pewstates.org/uploadedFiles/PCS_Assets/2011/Pew_State_of_Recidivism.pdf). ? Empowers people returning from prison to become employed, tax paying citizens, contributing to and strengthening the local economy. ? Increases the likelihood of a person becoming more employable with our emphasis on GED attainment, post-secondary education, vocational training and work experience. LINC, Inc. provides: ? Transitional living coupled with a stable, sustaining employment program, two components which reduce recidivism by 50%. ? Counseling, work experience and training, and case management support services which enhance the level of individual success. ? Close screening of participants before admission to the program to enhance the safety of the community as well as other residents. ? 24-hour supervised and structured living environment. ? ?Functional mending? which allows individuals opportunities to undo negative behaviors and experience and learn positive ones. ? Opportunities for at risk youth to learn positive behaviors with the philosophy of the LITE program that it is better to “build a boy than mend a man”. ? Reduces the housing cost to the state: cost to house an individual in LINC Inc.?s facility is $5,000 annually compared to $27,572 annually to house an inmate in prison (2012). (http://randp.doc.state.nc.us/pubdocs/0007069.PDF) ? Competent, knowledgeable, compassionate staff which assist participants with their re-entry process.