Reprint from Ken Smith of WRAL NEWS…

— Pokemon Go is luring players by the dozens to Raleigh’s Nash Square on a nightly basis. A Triangle area nonprofit is now using the virtual craze to solve a real life problem.

Stefan Youngblood runs the nonprofit, “When Grace Happens,” which works with the homeless community in the Triangle.

“We thought, ‘What if we get folks that are playing Pokemon to actually bring a pair of shoes with them?’ We have a little slogan that says, ‘If the shoe sits, share it,’” Youngblood said.

The nonprofit’s slogan is more than just a phrase for people like Nick Brooks, who has been homeless for nine months.

“It means a lot, because it helps us get around,” Brooks said. “My feet don’t hurt; I have blisters on my feet.”

Rob Frohlking, who used to be homeless, said a pair of shoes offers a homeless person hope.

“You’re probably at a point where you don’t have a license, you take the bus and you walk everywhere you go,” Frohlking said. “But it also helps with employment; work boots, dress shoes to get to work.”

Ruby Floyd, an avid Pokemon Go player, said the game meetup makes perfect sense.

“They’ve got apps that let you walk your dog and make money while you’re waking in general,” Floyd said. “I think brining shoes out while playing Pokemon is a good way to do that.”

When Grace Happens will have collection tables set up in Nash Square outside of the Raleigh Convention Center on Saturday around 2 p.m.